Assessment Overview

At Ark Kings Academy, we place the importance of assessment at the forefront of our planning process. Teachers in all curriculum subjects plan lessons with the ‘end in mind’. Meaning teachers know precisely what questions are being assessed and therefore create a series of lessons to enable success. There are two main forms of assessment; formative and summative assessments. Our formative assessments are used bi-weekly and summative assessments termly.


Formative Assessment

Formative assessment helps us find out what students do and do not know. This informs future teaching, informs intervention and helps evaluate curriculum structure and resources.


Summative Assessment

Summative assessment gives a measure of student progress and attainment. This can help teachers to understand which students require further support, and indicate possible outcomes in external examinations.


Reporting to Parents

Parents will receive student reports in the Autumn and Summer term. The reports will provide an age-related grade in each subject area. Additionally, a score will be shared to summarise a student’s attitude to learning in each subject area. For more information about age related grades and the new 9-1 grading system please watch clip the following clip: