"Students will take exams throughout their time at Ark Kings, not just at the end of their school career."



From Year 7 throught to Year 11, we have been involved in the process of teaching, learning and assessing in each of the subject areas. Our focus is to develop your ability to turn that knowledge and understanding into the highest examination results possible. 


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Leading up towards your exams, it is very important that you revise regularly and effectively to maximise your chances of getting the best grades and also to reduce your stress levels. Teachers are here to support you with your studies, so make use of all the opportunities you are given for guidance and revision not only for the mocks, but also for the summer exams.

On this page you will find links to a range of different resources to help you prepare yourselves for the exams. Here are some key things to do before your exams:

  • Make sure you check when your exams are taking place by looking at the Exam Timetable
  • Check that you’ve got all the revision guides you need for the exams
  • Plan what you need to revise. Every department has a revision checklist, which will tell you specifically what to revise for your exams.
  • Plan out your revision Remember, little and often is the key, and make sure you give yourselves breaks.
  • Finally, speak to your teachers! We’re all here to help you and guide you!


Good luck!


Non-fiction reading at Ark Kings Academy

At Ark Kings Academy, we place reading at the heart of school life because we know that reading will help our students to be successful in life, education and employment.

In school, students can expect to read in all of their lessons (not just English!), as well as during their daily Reading for Pleasure lessons for Years 7-9, and in form time.

To support our students in reading both fiction and non-fiction texts, this half term we are launching brand new non-fiction reading booklets. Each year group in Years 7-10 will have their own booklet, which contains one non-fiction article per subject.

Students will read an article as part of their study and there will then be opportunity to discuss a ‘big question’ relating to the text in class. Not only will this help our students to become great readers who are informed about the world around them, but it will give them opportunity to articulate their opinions and develop their habits of academic discussion.

To see what the students are reading, or to read the articles yourselves, please use the below links:

Year 7 Non Fictional Reading Booklet.pdf

Year 8 Non Fictional Reading Booklet.pdf

Year 9 Non Fictional Reading Booklet.pdf

Year 10 Non Fictional Reading Booklet.pdf


Useful websites for revision


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Design & Technology

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IT & Computing

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