Senior Leadership Team

Mr R Punton


Mr S McCay

Vice Principal - Pastoral

Mr J Holtom

Assistant Principal - Behaviour & Welfare

Mr M Werner

Assistant Principal - Curriculum & Assessment

Mr J Brocklebank

Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning

Mrs E Stevenson

Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning (Maternity Leave)

Mrs R Chalk

Assistant Principal - Personal Development, Careers Lead

Ms L Chamberlain

Operations Manager


Student Support and Pastoral Team

Mr S McCay

Vice Principal - Pastoral

Mr R Barker

Head of Year 7 Learning

Mr R Sallis

Head of Year 8 Learning

Ms A O'Sullivan

Head of Year 9 Learning (Maternity Leave)

Mr A Rajani

Head of Year 10 Learning

Mr C Smith

Head of Year 11 Learning

Mrs M Cole

Inclusion & Isolation Supervisor

Ms S Suddery

Year 7 Student Support Manager

Mr P Gakhal

Year 8 Student Support Manager

Mr B Tuohy

Year 9 Student Support Manager

Ms J Cartwright

Year 10 Student Support Manager (Maternity Leave)

Mr M Bagley

Year 11 Student Support Manager

Mrs C Varley

Student Support Manager for Attendance Year 7-Year 11

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and CP

Ms A Busby

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (LAC)

Ms R Hulme

Assistant SENCO (Non-teaching)

Ms L Dipple School Nurse

Mr M Case

Exams Invigilator

Ms D Roberts

Exams Invigilator



Ms C Jones

Head of English

Mr S Hands

2nd I/C of English

Ms A O'Sullivan

Teacher of English (Maternity Leave)

Ms A Jones

Teacher of English (NQT)

Ms E Hunter

Teacher of English (NQT)

Ms R Norris

Teacher of English (NQT)

Ms J Drayton

Teacher of English (NQT)

Ms E Morris Teacher of English (TF)

Mrs S Trombley

Academy Librarian


Ms E Marchese-Fry

Head of Mathematics 

Ms H Rudge

2nd I/C of Mathematics 

Mr M Werner

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr M Rajani

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr I Mehmood Teacher of Mathematics (NQT)

Mr M Taimour

Teacher of Mathematics (NQT)

Ms C Ntakouvanou Teacher of Mathematics (NQT)
Mr T Reichelt Teacher of Mathematics (SCITT)
Mr U Sharif Teacher of Mathematics (ATT)
Ms J Onaiyekan Teacher of Mathematics (ATT)
Ms N Gyoh Teacher of Mathematics (ATT)


Mr J Ward

Head of Science

Mrs A Jesmin 

2nd I/C of Science & ITT/NQT Co-ordinator

Mrs R Chalk

Teacher of Science

Mr R Sallis

Teacher of Science

Ms K Elgee

Teacher of Science

Ms L Adshead

Teacher of Science

Ms M Mushtaq Teacher of Science

Mr H Canning

Science Technician

Art & Design

Mrs L Critchlow

Teacher in charge of Art & Design

Mr G Willetts

Art Teacher


Mr J Jennings

Teacher of Geography (NQT)

Mr J Marchant Teacher of Geography, Responsible for KS4 Geography


Mr A McEwan

Head of History

Mr J Marchant Teacher of History

Ms C Peacock

Teacher of History (NQT)


Ms A Busby

Teacher of Computing

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr J Brocklebank

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms L Ouarafana

2nd I/C of MFL

Ms J Tomkinson

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (NQT)

Ms V Moothialoo

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (ATT)


Mr P Bull

Head of Music

Mr P Collier

2nd I/C of Music

Ms A Nicholls Teacher of Music (ATT)

Mr D Sankarsingh

Band Musicianship Teacher

Mr S George

Band Musicianship Teacher

Mr J Bucknor

Band Musicianship Teacher

Physical Education

Ms H Lloyd

Head of Physical Education & Healthy Lifestyles

Mr R Barker

Teacher of Physical Education

Mr J Holtom

Teacher of Physical Education

Mr C Smith

Teacher of Physical Education

Ms B Wells

Teacher of Girls PE & Dance (Maternity Leave)

Ms S Davis Teacher of Girls PE & Dance (Maternity Cover)

Religious Education

Mr A Iqbal

Head of Religious Education

Mr S McCay

Teacher of Religious Education

Mr M Hartley

Teacher of Religious Education

Teaching Support

Mr K Mir

Cover Supervisor

Operational Staff

Mrs K Cox


Vacancy Receptionist

All-through Academy Staff

Management Information Team

Mrs E Tencheva

Data & Systems Manager

Mrs D Spence

Data Officer: Data and Examinations

Mrs N Garrett

Pastoral Data Officer: Attendance and Admissions


Ms L Chamberlain

Operations Manager Primary & Secondary

Ms A Cartwright

Principal PA & Office Manager

Ms T Mead

HR Officer Primary & Secondary (AM) (Maternity Leave)

Ms K O'Keeffe

HR Officer Primary & Secondary

Mr A Mahmood

IT Technician Primary & Secondary

Mr M Dockery

Reprographics Assistant

Regional Team

Ms C Hall Regional Finance Director
Ms N Ellis Finance Manager
Ms D Driver Finance Officer

Site Team

Mr D Lee

Site Team Manager

Mr M Dempster

Site Assistant

Mr N Fonseca

Site Assistant

Mr C Cordiner

Site Assistant

Catering Staff

Mrs M Smith

Catering Manager

Mrs T Sykes

Deputy Catering Manager (Secondary)

Ms E Haymes

Deputy Catering Manager (Primary)

Ms M Cannon

Catering Assistant (Secondary)

Ms J Richards

Catering Assistant (Secondary)

Ms C McGrory

Catering Assistant (Secondary)

Ms S Walker

Catering Assistant (Secondary)

Mr T Edmead Catering Assistant (Secondary)
Ms J Celmer Catering Assistant (Secondary)

Ms C Rose

Catering Assistant (Primary)

Ms T Lynch

Catering Assistant (Primary)


To contact a member of staff please call the school office on: 0121 458 5380 (Primary), 0121 459 4451 (Secondary) or