Two students at Ark Kings Academy

Ark Kings Academy is an all-through Academy, with children from Reception through to Year 11 and in September 2019, we opened a nursery for 3 year olds. This demonstrates the fact that we are a growing, successful school that meets the needs of all children and the community, with a commitment that we will do all we can do ensure that each child continually improves.

By working at Ark Kings Academy, you will be part of Ark, an international charity and one of the UK's most successful multi-academy trusts, with a network of 37 schools in 4 locations across the country.

There are many reasons why Ark Kings is a rewarding, exciting place to work. These are the views of some of our staff about what being at Ark Kings means to them:


“As soon as you walk through the door at Ark Kings Academy, you will see displays celebrating the Ark Kings Character Compass. Our focus on character development alongside academic attainment is just one of the reasons I enjoy working here at Kings.As a member of staff, there is also a wealth of opportunities to learn and develop. From our bitesize briefings to dedicated co-planning time, professional development is prioritised to ensure that teachers can continue to hone their craft; supporting both their own and their students’ progress.”







“I’m very grateful to be part of a great site team in a wonderful school, where everybody’s strengths are recognised and supported regardless of their role with the school. Everybody is valued!”







“Working for Ark Kings Academy is a privilege. Staff across the whole school support one another and there are always opportunities to observe great teaching. Ark Kings Academy works closely with parents and the wider community to improve the education and the future for our pupils.”








“At Ark Kings Academy, I am surrounded by a team of dedicated and supportive staff in an environment where I can develop and improve every day. Each day I am exposed to new experiences, which enables me to challenge myself further.”







I chose to apply for a job at Ark Kings as I had heard a lot of good comments about the school its strong ethos and culture. I find my job challenging at times but very rewarding.

There is a good support network available to all staff which is something I feel is important in a workplace.”








Striving for Excellence

Our school motto is Aspire. Expect. Achieve. Together’ which we impress upon both our students and our staff.

Every student is encouraged to ‘Aspire’ to do great things, both currently and in the future – we also encourage our staff to do the same.

Every student can Expect’ to be taught to the highest standard in an orderly and industrious environment. We expect our staff to deliver excellent provision in a purpose-built secondary site and a recently refurbished primary and nursery site.

Every student can ‘Achieve’. We won’t accept any excuses and we won’t make any either. We work hard to ensure each student is successful and we offer the same message to our staff, training and supporting them to be successful in their role.

‘Together’ we are a big family. Every student and staff member matters – Ark Kings proves that great schools can do more than provide excellent teaching and support – they build and enrich individual lives and the local community.


Training and Development

Our success is underpinned by our fantastic teaching and support staff, which is why we offer a range of quality training opportunities. Teachers are provided with regular coaching and co-planning sessions every Friday afternoon so peers can share learning and best practice. We are proud to train our staff at every level of their career: our staff range from trainee teachers to the most senior level.

Our support staff are offered a range of training opportunities relevant to their role, from operations staff to pastoral staff, to bolster their ambitions and strengthen their skills. Working closely with other staff members ensures staff collaborate and achieve high outcomes together.


Networking and Hub days

In order to deliver the best training and network events, we offer twice as many training days as standard. We are committed to developing our staff and giving you the opportunity to learn to further yourself and your career.

Three times a year, people working in specific roles or subject areas get together to share best practice and deepen their subject knowledge with peers from across the Ark network at Ark Hub days.

These Hub days offer you the opportunity to work with colleagues across the Ark network and the potential to take responsibility for network-wide roles such as leading programs or training.