Ark Kings Academy is an all-through school admitting pupils from Nursery - Year 11. We expect our students to achieve academic excellence and to make a positive contribution both to the academy and the wider community that we serve.


Our Vision

At Ark Kings Academy every student will make excellent progress, develop outstanding character and be successful in life, education and employment.


Our School Values

Our school values 'Aspire. Expect. Achieve. Together capture the essence of our school.



  • Every student is encouraged and helped to Aspire to great things in their lives – both what they can do now and what they can be and will do in the future.
  • Every student can Expect to be taught well in an orderly and industrious environment and in return can Expect to work hard, be respectful of others and make no excuses.
  • Every student can Achieve. We won’t accept any excuses and we won’t make any either. We will do whatever we can to help ensure each student can be successful succeeds each and every day.
  • Together we are a big family.


Our Focus

To achieve these high ambitions, we focus on three main outcomes for every student:

  • High value academic qualifications that provide a basis for further training, education or employment, with an emphasis on high attainment in English and Mathematics.
  • Exemplary behaviour and attitudes to learning to ensure each student can be successful in their school, home and work life.
  • Employability skills that count to ensure our students stand out in the workplace and have the right personal skills to complement their academic qualifications.