“I’m very grateful to be part of a great site team in a wonderful school, where everybody’s strengths are recognised and supported regardless of their role with the school. Everybody is valued!”









“Working for Ark Kings Academy is a privilege. Staff across the whole school support one another and there are always opportunities to observe great teaching. Ark Kings Academy works closely with parents and the wider community to improve the education and the future for our pupils.”








“At Ark Kings Academy, I am surrounded by a team of dedicated and supportive staff in an environment where I can develop and improve every day. Each day I am exposed to new experiences, which enables me to challenge myself further.”








“I chose to apply for a job at Ark Kings as I had heard a lot of good comments about the school its strong ethos and culture. I find my job challenging at times but very rewarding.

There is a good support network available to all staff which is something I feel is important in a workplace.”