Welcome to the Year 9 Distance Learning Hub! 

Welcome to the Year 9 Distance Learning Hub!

Here you can find copies of all of the resources and workpacks that students have been given, as well as links to useful online resources. We have updated our approach to distance learning now that we know some of you will be working from home until the summer holidays.

There are three parts to your distance learning over the summer term!

Download or view your distance learning overview booklet here:  

Distance Learning Overview Booklet Year 9.pdf

Yr 9 - Week 4.pdf

Yr 9 - Week 5.pdf

Yr 9 - Week 6.pdf

Yr 9 - Week 7.pdf

Download or view your learn and quiz booklets here:

Art Y9 Summer 2 Quiz and Learn Booklet.pdf

Computing Year 9 Learn and Quiz Booklet.pdf

Dance Year 9 Learn and Quiz Booklet .pdf

 English Distance Learning Learn and Quiz Year 9.pdf

French Year 9 offline booklet.pdf

Geography Year 9 Quiz and Learn Booklet.pdf

History Year 9 offline booklet.pdf

Maths Year 9 Home Learning booklet.pdf

Music Year 9 Learn and Quiz Booklet.pdf

PE Year 9 Learn and Quiz Booklet.pdf

RE Year 9 Learn and Quiz Booklet.pdf

Biology Year 9 Learn and Quiz Booklet.pdf

Chemistry Year 9 Learn and Quiz booklet.pdf

Physics Year 9 Learn and quiz booklet.pdf

Knowledge Organisers and Self-Quizzing 

Self Quiz pack Year 9 Summer Term FINAL.pdf

NB If you would like to work from paper copies and would like the school to print these for you, please contact reception on 0121 459 4451 or contact your year group team.


Work hard!